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Baltimore is one of the most attractive and historic cities in the USA. It’s popular because of sports (football and baseball) as well. Baltimore, also known as the Charm City, is said to be the independent, largest economic hub in the state of Maryland and the second largest seaport in Mid-Atlantic. 

The people in Baltimore used to be more in industrialization. But everything declines after a specific period if not sustained. This city is one of the most populated cities in the US. After a decline in industrialization, people started moving towards the service sector and they got more involved in transportation.

So as the service sector grew with the passage of time and lifestyles changed. People started using services for their needs, which they use to do by themselves before. The reason behind this boost in the service sector is that people nowadays try to save time and energy and are ready to pay instead of putting their powers in doing different things. The more they save time and energy, the more efficiently they work with technology. 

For instance, online car services, people prefer hiring a car over keeping and maintaining it, as it consumes time, money, and energy all in keeping one.  The trend was started in the US, and after US-China and India followed this trend. 

In recent years tourism has been doubled. People are now preferring to spend more on tourism rather than saving it for the future. With this change in the attitude of our generations, car service providers got a great opportunity to avail, and they started expanding their businesses from just providing their service at airports to spreading all over cities.

There are three tools they use to provide the best customer experience:


Earlier people used to compromise on traveling vehicle conditions, prices (by walking down streets to save money), and time (waiting for public transport to arrive at pickup points). Nowadays, people are more specific and exactly know what they need. This emerging market of automobile industry made their lives easier. Now customers neither compromise on comfort nor timings and vehicle’s condition. They prefer to pay more to save time and energy.

Passengers want customized service and remarkable travel experience. These door-to-door itineraries include car. 

The largest and the actual target audience of these car services is the business class, working people, upper-class citizens who usually stay at different destinations for an extended period to explore the cities. They need transportation on a daily basis, but they don’t want to use public transportation. 

Ride-sharing companies have their market share increased as well as public transportation providers are expanding their businesses nationwide, the best thing about the travel industry these days is that there are enough solutions to accommodate customer belonging to either upper, middle or lower class. 


The new application programming interface APIs facilitates travel consultants by distributing information in a way what they prefer with content, shopping, and advanced booking capabilities. Whether the travel consultant books car rentals on a daily basis or is new, this technology makes everyone able to provide the customized transportation services what today’s customers want and expect.


This door-to-door service fulfills the needs of customers that they don’t only want great experiences; they want convenience as well. And they give back feedback by availing their services from time to time.

So the trend spreading all over the world is being witnessed in Baltimore as well since it’s a perfect spot for tourists too, several car services are being operated in Baltimore. Few of those Car services are mentioned below;

Next Destination Transportation:


As facilitating the passenger is the first priority, Next destination tries to reach passengers by providing them their services whether citizens want Airport to pick and drop services, charter service, city tours, and transportation services.


Source: Facebook

They have a wide range of vehicles such as Lincoln Town Cars L Series, Chrysler S 300 ,Mercedes Benz E Class/, Mercedes Benz G Class, Mercedes Benz S Class, 6 Passenger Lincoln Navigator L, 7 Passenger  Cadillac Escalade, 7 Passenger GMC Yukon Denali XL, 15 Passenger Ford Econoline, 3 Passenger Stretch Limousine, 6/7 Passenger Stretch Limousine, 10 Passenger Stretch Limousine serving citizens at Airports, concerts, business meetings, Dinners, theaters, Graduations, Point to Point Service, Local Services, Long distance rides, game events, hospital visits.


Source: Chesapeake Chapter

The unique service they have apart from normal mobility services is that they provide wedding transportation as well. School field trips are the second on the list. Chesapeake was started with just a single school bus; later on, they expanded their business. Now they have 45 school buses and seven motor coaches, that’s something remarkable. It’s quite well known in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.


Source: Facebook

The name itself expresses what it’s all about. They provide corporate car services, airport car services, concierge services, and special occasion transportation services. The unique part of this car service is they offer concierge services, which requires more skills than just a limo driver.


Source: Yelp

It’s a family owned car service. They provide Airport and local town transportation services, but they are more towards providing their limos for airport transportation, especially for the VIPs. They ensure privacy and service quality. It’s mostly used in Baltimore and Washington DC.


source: linkedin

DCAcar provides a premium car service, which is mostly availed by business executives. They don’t compete on prices, and their consumers are not middle-class citizens. Their transportation services are quite expensive, though, but their customers are happy because of the facilities they provide against money. They are quite active and efficient and respond to their clients within minutes.


Source: best car service near me

Another car services provider in Baltimore. They are mainly providing transportation service for events whether it’s a wedding, or a party, or some city tour. For occasions, they have reservation service, and for city tours, they are providing Taxigo service, which works as a taxi service. 


source: bwi airpor

It’s basically a shuttle service provider who helps business executives to travel not only from airports to their destinations but within the town for meetings and conferences as well.

They have a proper system on their website, anyone wanting to avail their service may fill out the form asking information like pickup timings and location, drop off location, no. of passengers whether the passenger is riding with a child or alone and much more. 


source: twitter

Aster Ride has their global limousine fleet booking platform that provides Sedans, SUV, Vans, Limousines, Shuttles, Sprinters and Buses for facilitating their customers for airport transfers, cruise and hotel transfers, corporate booking, night out and city tours, special occasions like weddings and parties, group transportation, sports team travel, hourly service, reoccurring traveling and tours, private aviation transfers and Roadshows.


source: facebook

It was started by a couple who got interaction with the people, looking for high-quality transportation service. They started their own transportation service and soon found customers loving what they offer.

They provide airport transfer and city tours accommodating people within the city as well. They don’t compete with the other transportation service providers, and that’s why they make their customers by spreading word of mouth, and they don’t use different marketing platforms as much as others do. They also provide specialized transportation services for old age people and children.


source: bwi airport

Execucar is for the executives moving around Baltimore and Washington DC. They focus more on the passengers at the airports. Other than that, they provide their services for business, events, around town and date nights as well. They have shuttle service too.


Nextcar provides rides on just a call as well as reservations at cheaper rates. Customers who are looking for the cheap car service providers may visit their website for reviews and feedback of the passengers who have traveled with them before.

They have small cars, Sedans, Performance cars, wagons, vans, sport utilities, and moving trucks as well. They don’t only accommodate passengers, but they also provide service for transporting cargo for businesses as well. So they provide their vehicles for road trips, businesses, and family day out trips.

How to select the best car service, the provider?

Selecting a car service provider is one of the trickiest things in the world. If someone wants to choose a car rental service provider carefully, a few things should be brought into consideration.


It’s quite risky to know about what will be the experience. ALL the car rental service providers that have been working in the industry for many years are usually the best options.

Experience means that clients should be satisfied with what they are being offered against what they are paying for it. The firms working for quite long having more experience have a wide range of high-quality cars and regular inspections are done for the convenience of their customers.


Most of the companies offer customers with different insurance cover at different price plans. So, considering an individual’s cover needs and what he or she is fully prepared to be accountable for, he or she should select a service provider based on the insurance deals that they are providing.


The reputation is another key factor. So it should never be neglected that how reputed is the car service provider’s firm is. Any new or shady car service provider should be avoided. People may check reviews on social media and their websites while considering a car service providing firm. 


Try going for the company that’s policies are flexible. The companies having various drop-off points in different locations should be considered more. It’s great to look for service providers that provide inexpensively and for service when drop off locations are viewed.


Search and bring it into your knowledge about the convenience that the company is offering before finalizing car service providers. Such as go for some service provider that provides online bookings. The online interaction with them actually saves a lot of time and stress.


Any firm that is well-known for offering excellent customer care services is mostly a better choice. It should be asked beforehand from friends, family members, peers, or even neighbors about their experiences they might have used the services of that specific company.


According to occasion and no. of passengers, the vehicle must be selected so that it won’t make a mess at the 11th hour. People traveling with families for holidays will be needing a van carrying more no. of passengers. Similarly, people going for a day out or on business trips have different needs. So whatever it is, it’s better to select vehicle accordingly.

Don’t Always Go For Cheap Service Providers:

Even though everyone wants and tries to save money, choosing a cheap car service provider while renting a vehicle might not be the best for everyone needs.

Shopping around and looking for additional discounts through credit cards and membership is another good point to be considered.


Renting a car from an airport-based car service provider is usually costlier than an off-airport location. 


Rental car must be thoroughly checked before driving away. If there is any kind of damage or defect, let the driver or company representative know about it immediately so that it’s brought in their knowledge through the car condition form. If possible, it’s a good thing to take pictures of millage and car’s condition and attaching them when mailing back feedback forms.

It’s appreciable to keep the receipts and to check credit card bills to avoid fraudulently. 

The above are some of the factors that should always be considered when choosing the right car rentals services provider. Other factors include additional drivers and added extras among others.

So summing up this all it can be seen that people out there make the most of its attractions, business, and other town activities. It’s an excellent opportunity for car service providers to work in such a busy metropolitan city.

There are many excellent and reliable car services available in Baltimore. All have some unique history or service even though they all are providing somehow the same service for the citizens of Maryland. 

The most beautiful part is they don’t try to compete with each other, and most of them offer services to both middle and upper-class people. 

This is something quite rare these days that none of them is trying to compete with other, and they know their worth and have their happy customers to rely on one. 

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